Perceptual Changes in People with Shoulder Pain – Recognising Laterality

Could You Recognise Your Own Shoulder? Research shows that people in pain often lose the ability to identify left or right images of their painful body part(s). What this means, is when viewing pictures of body parts (for example, the shoulder) it is highly likely that you will be slower and/or less accurate than somebody […]

The Human Cost of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain impacts us greatly. It costs us physically, socially and economically and puts a tremendous load on the healthcare system. The question is what can we do about it? In this shoulder physiotherapy news update Luke reveals the hard facts about the cost of shoulder pain. 00:15 – Population data on shoulder pain 00:35 […]

The Nasty Side of Shoulder Pain

Not all shoulder pain is shoulder related. It is so important to stay vigilant when assessing someone with shoulder pain as there is a nasty side which on occasion rears its ugly head. In this video Luke reveals some common shoulder pain “Red Flags”. 00:50 – 7% of all tumours occur in the shoulder 01:10 […]