How Can TheShoulderGuy.com Help You?

Hi, my name is Luke Van Every and it’s a long story but I became known as “The Shoulder Guy” well before this website came about. In fact, it was a nickname I was given by my work colleagues at the time because all I talked about and wanted to treat were shoulders.

Luke Van Every The Shoulder Guy

I have operated a successful shoulder physiotherapy practice since 2008 and have developed a real passion for empowering people with shoulder pain to solve their own problem using my specific shoulder pain advice, exercise strategies and resistance training techniques.

It is this passion that has driven me to develop this website, my podcast and a suite of shoulder physiotherapy products that can be accessed online from the comfort of your own home or mobile device.


You Need Evidence Based Advice – Not Opinions

You’ll soon see that my advice and exercise programs deliver clear, effective and actionable steps, all backed by the latest research and years of clinical experience.

Whether your shoulder pain is sports, work or gym related…

I’ll bet I can help you solve your problem FAST.

Here is a video where I explain that training efficient movement is just as if not more important than training muscle. Because efficient movement underpins all basic human movement and athletic performance.


What you should do right now

Disclaimer: sometimes I might link to stuff on Amazon or other physiotherapy equipment suppliers on this website and use affiliate links. I only recommend products that I believe in and actually use, integrity is everything to me.