Living & Playing with Shoulder Instability

An interview of Olympic proportions.

Former Australian Olympic volleyballer “Shane van Beest” talks to us about his experience living and playing with the worst kind of shoulder instability – a shoulder dislocation.

Shane after many dislocations subsequently underwent a right shoulder Laterjet procedure in July 2012.

In this podcast Shane gives us a personal insight into his life as an elite athlete and how shoulder instability affected his life and volleyball career. What’s more you’ll hear him talk about his shoulder surgery and what it’s like going through that 1st 6 weeks of (Hell) recovery.

Shane van Beest bio:
Nickname: Beestee (#15)
Height: 207cm 6ft 9′
Weight: 114kg
Born: Holland and migrated to Brisbane when 6 months old.

Australian Career:

222 official games including the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games
Australian player of the year in 2000-2001.

Professional Career:

8 European seasons in the Italian and Belgium A1 & A2 leagues

Reason Career Ended:

Ruptured Disc

Shane has been a patient of Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy since his shoulder surgery and is doing extremely well. We might try and interview Shane again at 6 months post shoulder surgery so that you can get an update of his progress over the course of his shoulder rehabilitation.

Shane is certainly a shoulder surgery survivor.

Listen to the podcast here…

  • Brad

    Thanks for the podcast! I’m wondering how Shane is doing today, which would be about 16 months removed from his Latarjet surgery. Has he fully regained the quality of life he was seeking? Is he able to engage in casual sport and physical activity with confidence, and without any reinjuries? This is most important data to me as I consider such a procedure for myself in my late 30s. Thanks so much!

    • Luke Van Every

      Hi Brad, what a great idea. I will definitely interview Shane again to discuss how his shoulder is doing post Laterjet procedure. I know Shane personally and at last report he was doing great with full range of motion, full shoulder stability, strength and function. He was back in the gym and living life as normal as a Father of 2 young kids. But best to get it from him, so I will schedule an interview in the coming weeks.