Super Fast Shoulders Feedback, Free Training Videos and Shoulder Peak Performance Fundamentals

In this episode of Shoulder Guy TV you’ll get some positive feedback from one of our SuperFastShoulders program members, Luke encourages you to get access to his FREE training videos based on his SuperFastShoulders program and hints that the fundamentals of peak shoulder performance don’t really change and need to be revisited to overcome any road blocks in your sporting performance or rehabilitation program.


00:40 Super Fast Shoulders Feedback
01:45 Super Fast Shoulders FREE Training Videos
02:20 Implementation is Everything
02:39 Results Come from Doing Things Differently
03:00 Refocusing For Peak Shoulder Performance
03:25 Peak Shoulder Performance Fundamentals Rarely Change

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Hi. It’s Luke Van Every from and welcome to this episode of Shoulder Guy TV. Today we’re going to be discussing some Super Fast Shoulders feedback, that’s my product and the membership that I have, that you can access on this site. We’re also going to talk about free training videos and the videos that I’ve uploaded to this site too, that you can see on the “free training” bar on the homepage. Also we’re going to talk about achieving results in a slow and steady way.

Super Fast Shoulders Free Training Videos for Peak Shoulder Performance

Just last week I received some feedback and was fantastic to actually get some feedback from a member inside our Super Fast Shoulders program and it was very positive. He gave me a good rundown in terms of his experience. At first coming to the website he wasn’t too sure initially whether the product would help him, but he soon found out once he bought the membership that the product was certainly inclusive and included a lot of things that he could get value and use to help solve his shoulder pain problem.

He went through and told me about the videos and the quality of the video instruction and he was very positive in his remarks there. Saying that it was quite easy to learn, easy to use, easy to follow the demonstrations and that they were repeated a number of times so that you could follow along easily. He talked about the help desk that we have, he hadn’t used that at that stage but certainly he found the help desk to be a great asset so that you could contact and get support when you needed it, when you are during the program.

It was great to get some feedback and I’ve posted that up on to the website and you can read all about Don’s comments there. Thank you Don.

Now I’ve just uploaded some free videos and I really wanted to give you a sample of what you’ll get inside the Super Fast Shoulders membership. They’re free videos to you, there’s three of them that you can get when you sign up, there’s no sales pitch involved here I just want you to get the training. Right at the end I’ll make you an offer if you are interested in Super Fast Shoulders I’m going to give you a bit of a reward for sticking through the three videos, so look at the offer reward at the end. You can either choose to take that or leave it, it’s no problem. I want you to get a sample of the training and the videos are very powerful and you can put some of that content and some of those teachings and learning’s into practice right away and I really encourage you to take note of the things that I’m telling you in those videos. If you haven’t grabbed the free training then go ahead and do so now.

Now results come from doing things differently and that’s what I like and they’re the main things that I try to encourage on my website and in my practice. Certainly there’s things that need to be done in a slow and steady fashion and usually slow and steady when you’re looking at the shoulder and rehabilitation of the shoulder, wins the race. Now certainly there’s fundamentals that just need to be done, they need to be achieved and they need to be mastered and then once you’ve got those fundamentals then you can then build upon those building blocks and improve your shoulders performance.

I really encourage you if you’ve reached a road block and you’re not sure where to go, you need to go back to the fundamentals. Certainly there in the Super Fast Shoulders program and that’s what I teach inside my shoulder physio practice are the fundamentals. Then we build upon the fundamentals of shoulder movement, shoulder stability, muscle activation and motor sequencing. They’re really important things that you need to go back and double check on if you’ve reached a road block in your shoulder performance or in your shoulder rehabilitation program.

I hope you really enjoyed this update. I’m back in the swing of things now, back in to 2013, we’ve got some new products coming online and certainly we’re adding new information and content to the website all the time. I really hope to see you back at soon.

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